Our stories are likely similar.

Hi! I'm Amanda Montalvo, Women's Health Dietitian, and I have been through quite the journey with healing my hormones over the last decade.

I took the pill to try and fix my painful, heavy period and persistent acne. The joke was on me because turns out it didn't make a difference and that led to my doctor layering antibiotics and prescription acne cream. 

I didn't feel like myself. My PMS was terrible, I was anxious, constipated, and had no energy. I knew there had to be something I could do. 

Once I learned about how the pill was impacting my body and shutting down my hormones, I decided to come off.

I had no idea what was coming next and that it would change the trajectory of my life and career. 

10 months went by and my skin was getting worse everyday, my period still had not returned post pill, and the pounds were piling on. 

I finally got a post pill PCOS diagnosis from my GYN and instructions to workout even more than I already was (I used to compete in CrossFit) and reduce my carb intake (insert eye roll). 

I was in shock and honestly mad that they were telling me to workout more and eat less. I was a dietitian and didn't appreciate a doctor giving me such poor advice. 

I was already working out 3 hours a day, eating Paleo, and tracking every morsel that went into my mouth. 

After doing some research in PubMed and talking to a few colleagues, I decided to go back to the basics of biochemistry and here's what I learned...

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I realized that although I was eating nutrient dense foods, my body was in such a stressed out state that it couldn't get those nutrients into my cells. 

My body thought I was starving. It was in a constant fight or flight state, not prioritizing hormone production and wreaking havoc on my thyroid. 

I learned all about what leads to stress in the body and made it my mission to reduce my stressors as much as I could.

Not only were there big nutrition changes I needed to make (eating more food including carbohydrates for one), but I also discovered I had hidden stressors. 

When I would get lab tests from my doctor, they would say everything is "normal."

I finally discovered functional testing and was able to uncover some nutrient deficiencies, copper toxicity, and a parasite. 

No wonder my body was having a hard time healing on its own!


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My journey has been long and complex. I went from worrying about my skin, weight, and painful periods to focusing on my energy, sleepy quality, digestion, workout recovery, ovulation, body temperature, pulse, and so many other simple things to measure on a daily basis. 


I don't get bent out of shape if I get a pimple or don't quite feel right because I now understand how my body works and what I need to do on a daily basis in order to feel my best. 


By learning how your body works and what it needs to function optimally you can empower yourself and achieve lifelong hormone healing. 


I've taken my work that I do with 1:1 clients to help them balance their hormone naturally and get rid of their period problems and put them into my Master Your Minerals course. This allows you to order a hair mineral test and teaches you how to interpret it as well as how to build a protocol based on your results. Learn more below! 

Master Your Minerals (Get Hair Mineral Testing)

I've been where you are.

I know what it feels like to be confused. To feel like you have literally tried everything, but haven't made any progress. 

I've been stuck. It took me a really long time to heal my hormones and feel like myself again (and even better honestly) because I did it alone. I didn't have a clear road map. 

It doesn't have to be that way for you. 

I've been able to heal my hormones and help hundreds of other women transition off birth control, restore proper thyroid and gut function, and have healthy periods despite conditions like PCOS and endometriosis. 

In addition to my personal experience with hormone issues, I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) and went back to school to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) so that I could help my clients get to the root of their imbalances. 

I continue to take advanced hormone and nutrient certifications and am always evolving as a licensed medical professional so that I can best serve you. 


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We will be a great fit to work together if:

  • Your Energy Levels Are In The Drain — if your energy doesn't match the lifestyle you want, there's a lot we can do to improve this. 

  • You Can't Imagine Not Losing 1-2 Weeks of Your Life Each Month — PMS, bloating, insane cravings, acne, etc. take over every month (PMS is common but this doesn't mean it's normal).
  • You Are Frustrated With Your Skin — you've tried every product, eliminated foods, and nothing works.

  • Anxiety is Cramping your Style — and you’re ready to get to the bottom of it once and for all (it is possible).

  • You Struggle With Brain Fog — and you know it's not all in your head.

  • You Know Deep Down There's Something Going On With Your Gut — and know that food allergies, heartburn, bloating, constipation & diarrhea should not be your normal.

  • You're Sick of Trial and Error — and want to start creating custom health and wellness routines that work with your unique lifestyle and honor your one-of-a-kind body.

  • You're Fed-Up With Your Supplement Graveyard — and have spent too much time & money on products that weren't individualized to you.

  • You're Overwhelmed — whether you have recently been diagnosed or have a suspicion there's an underlying issue, you know you need help from someone that specializes in this area (PCOS, thyroid issues, endometriosis, weight loss resistance, hormonal imbalance or an autoimmune disease). 


You are beyond welcome here and I am looking forward to serving you. 

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